Roll to Roll process / Automation machinery

Hallys provides on demand machinery and service with our unique control system and machinery technology based on High Speed and High Precision production process by Roll to Roll.

Sanitary products production machinery

Production machinery for diaper, sanitary napkin and other sanitary products.
We provide Roll to Roll process on demand with our unique technology through extensive experience and performance.

Precise Laminating machinery

This machinery cuts rolled film at the length of products, and laminates them together at the predetermined location with high precision.

Sheet type functional materials attachment machinery

Receive chipped functional materials sheet by press cutting with high speed pick and place unit and put them at exact position in continuous process.

Automatic Web Material Set System

This machinery loads roll type web material to Roll to Roll machinery and prepares splicing with robot automatically.

High speed plaster products cutting and stacking machinery

In sanitary products or poultice production line, feed materials coated by cohesive medication, half-cut them, cut them in their product shape and stacks them.

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