Hallys Technology

Hallys creates equipments such as bringing innovation of production process, improving spectacularly productivity, production machinery for competitive products in the world market with our integrated technology of high speed and high precision.

Key Technologies

High Speed Pick and Place Technology CAMDE(Common Axis Multi Drive Effector)

The technology of picking up and mounting parts and/or materials with high speed.
CAMDE is our original developed high speed pick and place unit.
CAMDE realizes simultaneously high speed, high precision and continuous process with ROTARY METHOD instead of conventional pick and place method.
CAMDE is applicable in various process such as Roll to Roll, Roll to Sheet attachment, printing, laminating. CAMDE can be applied into bottleneck process speed in order to improve the productivity.

Web handling system

This handling system is for soft, stretchable, delicate web such as film and non-woven. This handling system is essential to improve productivity, and we provide it based upon the experience and know-how obtained from required process in the fields of sanitary, auto mobile, medical and electrical device’s.

Control System Technology

Servo motor controls with image processing or various sensors improve productivity making high effective production process.
Hallys system control technology exercises their abilities at various fields such as material handling, products processing and inspecting.

Precise laminating technology

This laminating technology builds process of considering properties of various materials without any crimps and air bubbles.
We have extensive experience of production of Laminating roll and heat seal roll.

Die-cutting process technology

Technologies based on such as punching, half-cutting, and slitting process.

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